SoftEditGrips Feature Request


I have stumbled across SoftEditGrips and it is exactly the tool I have been looking for. It is the nearest equivalent to Fusion’s soft modification function that I have seen.

There are a few improvements I think could be made:

It would greatly increase the functionality if I could change the gumball alignment when selecting grip(s). Currently it is limited to Align to World, which does not allow me to move a grip along the surface normal.

Furthermore, the visual overlay for the falloff could be improved. It would be helpful if the heatmap (or colour) would change depending on the Mode selected. For instance: for Mode=Smooth, I expect the overlay to falloff; but for Mode=Constant, I expect the overlay to be the same heat (or colour) across the whole radius.

Otherwise, a tool with fantastic potential.

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Hello @chrjwarren

thanks a lot for your feedback!
Some of the features you mentioned are already being developped for the next version.
We will take into account your suggestions to furtherly improve our software.


Botcha Team

Hi Botcha,

Thanks for your quick response! That’s great that these features are already being worked on. Do you have an estimation for when the next version will be released?

Another thought I had to improve the SoftEditGrips tool would be to add a selection filter so we can edit by vertices, edges, or faces. Currently it is limited to only vertices.


Hi Chris,

if you grab the latest version from food4rhino you should have the new features.