License problems

I have contacted your company in the name of the company before, but I have not received a reply. So I bought a license myself to test and learn. But now there’s a problem, and I don’t know how to fix it.

My understanding is that at the moment you have : 1 machine that is working with the license and 1 machine that rhino crashes. Please make sure that in the folder %appdata%/BotchaXRhino the file evalbotcha.dat is deleted in both machines.

Your license will work only on one machine.


As a last resource, if it is still crashing please do try this pre-release version:



It does crash. How does this pre-release install to Rhino 7.0? Because I now have Rhino 8.0 installed, opening it directly will indicate that 8.0 is not supported

Please write me via email at