Botcha version 1.22.201

As usual we come with a new release and new goodness for Botcha3D! You can get our latest version from our website (Download - Botcha Software 3d - For Windows and macOS) or by following the link when the application starts. The changes we implemented are:

  • Improved mesh boolean context and generation algorithm
  • Added colorway comparison context and bill of materials exporter
  • Introduced a 3D view floating window in 2D canvas context
  • New commands to weld edges and vertices
  • Palette materials are rendered to have a better preview
  • Implemented multi stop gradients
  • New document palette to store your favorite colors
  • You can now edit multiple paths at once
  • Object transformations start immediately upon selection
  • Added possibility to edit multiple thicknesses at once from 2D canvas view
  • Groups items in default context can now be collapsed
  • Implemented color picking where missing
  • Reduced memory consumption of undo/redo history
  • Various improvements, bug fixing and optimizations in general

Keep up with the good work!