Zoom in ortho mode

Hi community
I’m running Botcha on a Macbook, no mouse, only trackpad. It’s a quite uncommon set up so I reckon this issue may be irrelevant for most of users. Anyway, in Ortho mode I cannot zoom. “Scrolling” on the trackpad with two fingers (which is zoom on perspective mode) I got some kind of zoom into the object that is not helpful and difficult to control.
Thank you!

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This bug is not platform dependent, the camera is not updating correctly in ortho mode. To overcome this problem in current version it is possible to zoom in using standard mode and then activating ortho.
This bug will be fixed in next release.
Thanks for the feedback!

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Hi @Ago, the just released beta 1 address both this issue and the other you were experiencing. Please do try it whenever you got the chance.


Thank you, I’ll check it out!