Unwrapping issues

Hi community.
I’m facing this problem: after unwrapping, the solid turns black.
Switching to canvas mode I realized the canvas is actually black and the only way to see the pieces is to move them away from the canvas.
I got this problem with the coffee cup and the milk bottle, but not with the shoe last (maybe its a simpler geometry?)
Anyway, after trying my luck in different ways I found out that after clicking (in canvas mode) on “edit the displacement information for the selected path” the canvas goes back to white.
Thank you!

HI @Ago,
that is interesting I thought we fixed this already. To work this around you can go back to canvas view and trigger the displacement command again and then ‘ESC’ on the keyboard.

@PaulyB can you take a look?

– Alberto

I’m positive that I’ve found the origin of the problem.
@Ago Many thanks for the feedback!

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