Speaker x Ricciardo

Buongiorno, condivido il mio ultimo progetto, degli speaker a tema con il casco di Daniel Ricciardo del 2020. Speaker x Ricciardo.


The Honey Badger!! :sunglasses: :muscle: Bellissimo lavoro!

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Noisy Sound OooooooooN!!!

Hi Gianluca! I am a consumer behavior researcher and we would like to use this speaker design in a study that we are conducting. Is it possible to buy the original obj file from you? We would only need it for the study. Thanks and have a great day!

Hi, contact me on my email dimartino.gianluca04@istitutorosselli.net !!

Hi Thomas, welcome to our comminity and thanks for the great feedback given to Gianluca for his excellent job. Looking forward to establish a proactive cooperation.

Hi Leo, thanks! You both really are doing a great job with your designs. I am hoping for a great collaboration as well. I am in contact with Gianluca for possible designs and ideas.