How to apply a deformation

Hello, what is the main difference between a “Sphere” and a “Box” modifier?

Let’s say I want to “stretch” a part of my mesh while keeping all the rest unaltered.
Which modifier should I use and in which way?
I understand that I need at least one or more modifiers to “anchor” the mesh in place, and other modifers to pull/stretch the part of the mesh I want to modify.

Am I correct?
Can you provide an example of application workflow?
Thank you

The only difference is in the area of influence. When doing the shape deformation it is important to know what you want to move and what to keep still. For example:

Here I want to keep the sole part of the last still and move the collar, therefore I have placed a box constraint on the bottom of the last and pull with a sphere on the collar area.

Let me know if this helps
– alberto

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Yes, that’ more clear now!
I will try and experiment a little more with modifiers.

Thank you for the explanation.