Crashing Program

I am having problems creating a loft. Every time I click on the loft icon the program closes. When I restart and try again, it closes again.

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Hi Mia,

thanks for contacting us. Are you working with the mac version? Windows? You should get a file on your Desktop (if windows) that is called something like “BotchaCrashv0.21.blahblahblah.dmp” can you share that with me and @PaulyB ? So we can check what is going on.

Thanks a lot,


I am using the windows version. I will send you the file.
Thank you very much.

Mia (599.6 KB)

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Hi @Mia,

I suppose that this bug is the same mentioned here: Bug creating loft in v0.21.017.
Translated: there is a bug when you rename lofts in current version of Botcha.
The name of the loft must be in the form: “Loft n” where “n” is a number.
Let me know if this fixes the issue.