Bug - Ghost Thickness export

Good morning, found out that if you have any ghosted thickness in your model and you export it in .glb or .gltf, that file can’t be read (as if it’s corrupted). The .3dm format export still works as intended.

As always, keep up the good work!

Buongiorno, ho notato che se applichi il ghost ad uno o più spessori nel tuo modello e lo esporti in formato .glb o .gltf, quei file non sono leggibili (come fossero corrotti). L’ esportazione in formato .3dm funziona senza problemi.

Sempre grazie per il vostro impegno!

Hi @Enrico.Cosmo,

Bug found and fixed, nice catch!
Avoid export in glb for the moment, next release is coming soon.

Thanks again,