Botcha BETA #7

Hello Santoli!

please find our latest and greatest release on the website. Continuing our tradition of improving with user feedback. Here is the list of changes:

  • When you have done drawing a path, begin drawing another one automatically
  • Restyled installer for Apple version
  • Restyled curves preview
  • You can now adapt loft panel zoom to 3D view and vice-versa
  • More options to launch BotchaTrace
  • Each groove path has it’s own depth and radius, improved groove result
  • Better UI interface for thickness generation
  • New eye-drop tool and swatches selection panel
  • Improved path offset function
  • You can now set default fill and stroke style in canvas
  • New command to draw geometrical shapes
  • Introduced mesh groups to transform multiple meshes at once
  • Implemented missing orthogonality functions in drawing, edit, tranform commands
  • New mesh instances: share the same mesh between multiple instances with their own transform
  • Updated internationalization and translations
  • Several bugs were fixed

You can get it from the download form of the website or this link.

Have fun!