Botcha BETA #6

As usual we continue to provide you with the latest and greatest developments for botcha. You can find the newest build on our website or on this folder and the list of changes is as follows.

Change log

  • Improved thickness resolution and falloff feature
  • You can now use Compound Paths in your canvases
  • Better UI implementation for a smoother frame rate
  • Hole system for thickness has been replaced by compound paths
  • Better caching system for faster generation of thickness meshes
  • Introduced the new Groove feature
  • Deformers updating has been improved
  • Improved all 3D drawing commands and added cuts visualization
  • You can now resize material’s textures at your will
  • New Bake Mesh command
  • Implemented dashed patterns for canvas paths
  • Added direct import-export of .3dm files for both 3D and 2D geometry
  • Introduced the Botcha unlicensed version
  • Illustrator extension has been updated
  • You can now make invisible thicknesses using the ghost feature
  • Fixed many nasty bugs, including a memory reusagae madness

Let us know if you have any feedback!