Botcha BETA #5

As part of our beta program for botcha 3D we have released yet another version of the tool.You can download the new version from this folder or directly from our website. All the users will be notified with a dialog when they open the tool. FInd below a tribute to adidas UltraBoost created by @Severin


  • It is now possible to stop the interpolation between loft sections
  • Added button to delete materials
  • BZP files have a new (and faster) structure, but you can still use your old files
  • BotchaTrace updated with a bunch of new features, including Disney BRDF
  • Unwrapped textures are placed better in canvas
  • Materials now support transparency
  • Implemented projection painting: project a background image directly to a mesh
  • Improved lofts adding the possibility to transform sections in 3D
  • It is now possible to modify fill and stroke of multiple paths at once
  • Pinned vertices in uv editing are stored
  • Improved Illustrator extension to be faster and fixed a major installation bug
  • Added guides in canvas context
  • Fixed a bug in deformers, may change previous works
  • Both Windows and Apple versions of Botcha3D are now signed and certificated
  • Added progress bars in most of the Input Output operations
  • Improved camera settings
  • File links are now better handled
  • Possibility to rename meshes, lofts and images by double clicking their name
  • Some UI improvements

And loads of bugs and crashes were solved. Feel free to post any feedback you have here!


Sexy! cant wait to start messing around with it

Big news! So many new features, great work!