Botcha BETA #2

You can download here the latest beta version for Botcha 3D (v0.20.012), just in time for Christmas. As there were some pressing issues we decided to improve it and release it as soon as possible. Starting from here you will receive notifications directly in the application when an update is available.


  • Added update notifications when new versions are available
  • Implemented selective import for loading part of another file
  • Fixed material transformation when applying PBR paramters
  • Fixed copy paste wrong reference bug
  • Other minor bugfixes and stabilizations

You can check out the latest tutorials and information on our youtube channel. Let us know if you do have any feedback for this new version!


Good news!
You’re doing a great job.

For the future releases, I would suggest to have a side-by-side editor with both 3D and unwrapped 2D versions of the mesh.
Maybe you already planned to implement it. :wink: