Botcha BETA #1

You can find the newest beta release at this link. If you have trouble installing it please refer to the old beta release page or feel free to ask here.

First a nice image, created with our new material pipeline. We will create video tutorial soon to illustrate how to create and update materials.

File compatibility has been broken

Files are now faster to load and smaller when stored but the old files will be thrown away.

Change log
  • Implemented support for PBR materials with specific maps for metallic, roughness and normals
  • Implemented support for material transform and scaling
  • Improved the tools for selection on the UV editing view
  • Implemented contextual drag and drop for files
  • Implemented automatic texture UV layout after unwrapping
  • Added support for simplified Chinese
  • Improved support for high DPI monitors both on Mac and Windows
  • Stability improvement in camera, mesh cut and overall application.

You can check out the latest tutorials about the materials here:

If you have questions or feedback about this version please do let us know!



that’s great news! can’t wait to try it out

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Thank you @albertofranco, actually I had annoying issues with retina display resolutions on the Mac with the previous version, I’ll try the new release ASAP :+1:

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Nice to hear, gonna give it a try ASAP. Keep up with the great work!

Sorry, @albertofranco, can I open file made with previous beta version in this new one?

Nope, we broke file compatibiliy for this version to have faster loading and better file size. I will update the description.

Ok, nice to know. Being this a beta I did not expected that, but you never know! :smile:

Nope, we will continue to break compatibility if it improves the feature set until the final release of the tool.

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