Black stains on imported meshes/ Macchie nere su mesh importate

When I import a rather complex model in Botcha, in my case a model I made in Rhinoceros 7, weird black stains appear on every edge of the model, and this can make it a little harder to work on the mesh and understand the final result. When viewing the exported model in .glb format with whatever 3d visualizer, the stains are absent.

Quando importo un modello abbastanza complesso su Botcha, nel mio caso un modello fatto in Rhinoceros 7, presenta strane macchie nere su ogni bordo del modello, e rende difficile lavorarci sopra e capire il risultato finale. Quando però lo esporto (ad es. in .glb) e lo apro con un qualsiasi visualizzatore 3d, non si vedono queste macchie.

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Hi @Enrico.Cosmo,

My guess is that where you see black spots there are two (or more) vertices that maps in the same UV coordinate. If this is the case, you should be able to separate them in the UV context by stretching a little bit using live unwrap command.
If you can share the file I can give it a better look.



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I looked into the file and I confirm what I wrote before.
It seems to be enough to let the unwrapping command iterate a few times more.
We can try to make the preview in Botcha more resilient and handle better this kind of situations.

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for the help! Didn’t think about that, I can make it work better now.

As always, thanks for your hard work!